Queen Harriet P. Harrison

Author/Keynote Speaker/Coach

Queen Harriet P. Harrison is an Independent Certified Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Teacher with the John C. Maxwell Team.   

It is my heartfelt desire, focus and passion to empower women to reach their own personal greatness through spiritual healing, personal growth and leadership development. This will assist you in advancing in your life and business. My format includes using practical steps, John Maxwell leadership materials and my own personal life experiences to make it easy for every woman to start enjoying life with a purpose and live a more peaceful existence.  You will increase your level of faith, create balance and discover joy when you uncover your own personal “GREATNESS”.

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What Are People Saying About Queen Harriet

  To  Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to attest to the capable leadersip and speaking abilities of Queen Harriet P. Harrison.  I have had the honor and privilege of knowing her for five(5) plus years and we've worked together on several occasions and projects designed to equip and empower the lives of individuals and families in maximizing their potential and fulfilling the Purpose of God for their lives.   Queen Harriet exhibits great passion and inspiration when she stands to speak to others.  Because of her strong disposition to be all that she has been destined to be and to live victoriously, personally, she brings to life her subject and ignited a desire within her audience to want to do the same. How she has gone about her life's work and ministry has truly been a testament of her "Call to Victory" mission!


Pastor Stanley Ferrell

Founder and Senior Pastor 

Treasures of Excellece Ministries

Queen Harriet P. Harrison is a divinely inspired leader, speaker and mentor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  She is passionate in her delivery, Inspired by wisdom, dedicated by her convictions and always on God's assignment in excellence. Her life experience is her greatest attribute and she is dynamic in her approach to training and speaking engagements."

Luchana Heath

Coach Harriet P. Harrison is a professional who demonstrates a true vision of empowerment thru public & private events. She leads by example to help others grow & develop spiritually & professionally. She has helped me to step outside the box and move to the next level. With truth & honesty at the forefront she will take anyone who is willing to listen to believe in your dreams. 

Harriet P. Harrison is definitely the speaker and trainer of choice to inspire and empower. 

Brenda Wakefield MS, LMT, MTI, CEP, Hands of Choice Therapies 


“Queen Harriet Harrison is a transformational speaker, coach, and trainer. She is truly passionate about positively impacting lives. The energy that she brings to the stage is electrifying and contagious. Hearing Queen Harriet speak for the first time left me feeling inspired and full of hope for my future. The unique abilities that Queen Harriet has to engage and connect with the audience cannot be taught. She is truly a gifted speaker, trainer, and leader. Queen Harriet is certain to energize, motivate, and empower any audiences that have the privilege of experiencing her divine gifts.”

Derrich Phillips, MBA, Founder & CEO of Mentor Select, LLC.


  To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Inspirational Speaker Queen Harriet P. Harrison. I have known Mrs. Harrison for over 25 years. She has been a great steward of our friendship and a great leader in God’s Image and God’s Nature Ministry; where I am the founder/visionary.  Queen Harriet’s leadership and support has been priceless to the ministry. God’s Image and God’s Nature is proud to see Mrs. Harrison being chosen by God to be an Inspirational Speaker.   She is truly proof of what God can do. I highly recommend Mrs. Harriet P. Harrison for any public speaking opportunities; that you may have at your facilities.


Pastor/Coach Horace Perkins

Founder & Visionary of God’s Image and God’s Nature Ministry

Call to Victory Speaking Topics

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