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The Next Generation of Queenship Leaders

Call To Victory Program For Advancing The Next  Generation of Queenship Leaders in the 21st Century.

Call To Victory Queens of Greatness Program For Women

Call to Victory "Queenship" training is a distinctive outlet to advancing the next generation women leaders.  We are passionate and focused on the woman needs first before anything else.  We create an atmosphere for a LIFE TRANSFORMATION.  The training program assist women in discovering and identifying their own personal "Greatness" within.  We utilize an innovative centered approach that present clear specific tools to: Spiritual Growth, Queenship Empowerment and Leadership Development all under one roof.


Six Core Reasons "Why" You Must Not Miss This Incredible Opportunity!

  • We offer a seven week online  program on Queenship Empowerment for women, one hour per week with Queen Harriet P. Harrison-Coaching/Training  
  • Discover & Identify your own personal "Greatness" within.
  • Assist you in balancing your everyday life to achieve "Complete Wholeness".
  • Help you build more Self Confidence to be effective in your role as leader, and in your personal life, family and business. 
  • Improve your decision-making and take the next step toward a Life-Transformation.
  • Help enlighten every woman about her Queen Ambassador position from Heaven.
  • Establish your image as a divine leader by moving into your Dominion Authority and Power, and learn how to serve others in a Spirit of Excellence.


Queenship Training Consist Of:

  • The Divine Connection- One in Christ
  • A Priceless Jewel Within 
  • The Power of A Queen
  • The Mind is the Control Center
  • Developing An Attitude for Greatness
  • Overcoming Challenges and Moving into Greatness
  • Building Character for Greatness


21st Century Queenhip Leaders


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Small  Webinar Classes, Limited Space 

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