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"Advancing The Next Generation Queenship Leaders'


Do you know anyone who obtained greatness without the help of someone else?

Today we have cross the threshold of the 21st Century: a new moment in our generation of remarkable growth and development; all over the globe. We are the outlet to the new generation of women transformation, because we put the woman’s needs first before anything else. The greatest transformation occurs when an entire organization and its leaders are involved in the same process; it is a powerful method to create rapid impact in your organization or group and allows everyone to develop new skills and knowledge to increase “Unity” and “Accountability.” 

Our unique training program is designed for advancing the next generation of Queenship leaders. We offer a fresh start in the 21st Century by assisting all levels of women to shift from following the leader to personal leadership and accountability. We have created a value system based on caring, sharing, and serving the people with character and integrity.  Elevating Tomorrow’s Leaders’ training helps implement character and integrity in serving every person for the greater cause of human life rather than financial gain. Our focus is more on the heart of the leader and teaching them how to lead in a Spirit of Excellence.

Participates Benefits for Attending Training Class


  1. Become an Effective, Well-Organized and Balance Leader in the 21st Century
  2. Online training sessions with Queen Harriet in a small group setting.
  3. Start creating a new winning mindset, skills and the right tools to be successful in today's marketplace.
  4. Renew your commitment to be more credible and to extend trust to others in their organization.
  5. Become more powerful, persuasive, and respected leader among your peers and superiors

Next Generation Leadership Empowerment Training


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Our unique program will capitalize on "Top Rising Leaders" all levels on a fast movement in this new age revolution. We will offer life-changing leadership empowerment online and on-site training classes. A new way to emerge leaders, build new organizations and community leaders and engage in the ongoing advancement of leaders.

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