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Call to Victory Living Above It All


CALL TO VICTORY SHOW- Hosted By: Queen Harriet

CALL TO VICTORY SHOW -LIVING ABOVE IT ALL is a podcast aired weekly. The talk show is vital for the health and wellness of this unhealthy generation because our focal point is on “Complete Wholeness” in every area of one’s life. We help others face and confront the FEARS within; to start Living Above It All.  We want to awaken the sleeping Giant inside of you; by sharing with you, the listener, fresh ideas how to take back control of your life and begin a new path to: renewing your mind, refreshing your spirit, and rejuvenating your body, which will restore your peace, joy and happiness.  


Living Above It All in the 21st Century

Are you Tired of feeling Trapped Inside with no way out?

Feeling OverWhelmed with LIFE challenges and no answers to your questions?

Experiecing a LIFE STORM without a LIFE JACKET?

CALL TO VICTORY is the answers to your LIFE questions. We have uniquely designed a 30 minutes talk show to meet the needs of the ever changing social world we live it.  Our primary focus is on the real issues at hand that everyday citizens are faced with. Our talk show attacks the problem, not the people. We keep it real with an open mind to find a working solution with a FAITH base approach. 


CALL TO VICTORY Live Streaming Talk Show

 Queen Harriet's depth of teaching and coaching bring about godly wisdom and insights; which allows her to be Electrifying, Inspiring and Powerful. She conveys to her listener's life changing visible and effective tools, that are valuable and encourages her audience to begin a new journey from the inside out. Her extraordinary training sessions are especially designed for everyday busy individuals on the move, who want to bring forth a greater capacity to enjoy life and have a personal desire to be deeply spiritually grounded and rooted.