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Meet the Author/Keynote Speaker


Meet Author & Keynote Speaker- Queen Harriet P. Harrison

How Queen Harriet P. Harrison Survived the storms of life, and how YOU can too. 


Queen Harriet P. Harrison was 'trapped  inside her own walls of confinement.  Queen Harriet’s personal  experiences made her a prisoner for 28 years in a world of darkness, lies and deception.  It is her belief behind every successful man or  woman is a story sometimes filled with pain, heartaches, personal  struggles and perseverance. She is a woman predestined for a Call to  Victory. 

She started seeking and discovering her spiritual identity  fifteen years ago, and today her own personal "Greatness" has been  revealed.  Harriet  is a full-time Queen Ambassador working for the Kingdom of God.  She's  an innovative rising global leader in the 21st Century; advancing  kingdom leaders for the next generation.  She is a well-known published  Author of Call to Victory Living in the Anointing, a spiritual  enrichment book, and a former Internet Radio Personality. This Queen  walks under the Holy Spirit power and authority as an Unchangeable,  Untouchable and Unstoppable Queen of Greatness for Christ Jesus.​  

She  is an Independent Certified Speaker, Teacher, Trainer and Coach with  the John C. Maxwell Team.   The founder/visionary of Today’s Sisters’  Ministry a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization for women, by women, living  in today’s world.  Her heartfelt passion and desire is to empower,  encourage, liberate and inspire every woman to dig deep inside herself  to discover and identify the Queen of Greatness within.  Today,  Queen Harriet is a loving wife to her wonderful husband Benjamin L.  Harrison for 24 years. They have five children and ten grandchildren and  they live in Dallas, TX.  She lives her life now in freedom, dominion  and authority. She is a victorious woman of God.

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What does Living Above It All means?

A Kingdom Lifestyle, Living Above It All is  a life centered and governed by God’s Kingdom laws and principles. It  simple means setting your insights  and foresights on a higher moral  standard way of life; a lifestyle designed for kings and queens of God.

Living Above It All  is specially designed for a distinctive group of people. This lifestyle  is not for the world but it is set up for God’s children, and for those  who have decided to follower Jesus Christ.  This is truly a personal CHOICE of lifestyle. 

Living Above It All  brings a Call to Victory into your life. Call to Victory is deep within  all of us. It’s a spiritual victory through Christ Jesus. You can’t buy  it or earn it.  You must learn how to receive it and embrace it.  

Call  to Victory Book Tour is your golden opportunity to experience an up  close and personal training sessions with the Author/ Queen Harriet; to  help YOU begin your spiritual journey within and teach YOU how to start  Living Above It All.

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