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Meet The Founder: Queen Harriet P. Harrison

Toward God's Kingdom: Finding Her Calling and The Evangelical Empowerment Revolution

In 2006, Queen Harriet P. Harrison, now a rising star in the spiritual movement, was then an unwavering evangelical already anointed and called into service for God's Kingdom. It was then, in the harvest season of that year, that she embarked upon her legendary journey in faith and ministry, as the visionary founder of Today's Sisters' Ministry, an entity dedicated to the spiritual, personal, and professional restoration and empowerment of women. In 2014, she successfully graduated from The John Maxwell University, with certifications in Coaching, Training, and Teaching, and is one of the storied members of the international John Maxwell Team of professionals roster. In 2015, Queen Harriet accepted The Master's organizational call a second time, by founding Call to Victory, Queens of Greatness, a program geared toward targeting, honing, equipping, and supporting a current and next generation legion of Spirit-led women leaders. The Evangelical Empowerment Revolution is designed to usher forth a new wave of certified, anointed, and experienced women leaders, joyfully dedicated to occupying the helms to which they are each uniquely called, with vision, humility, strength--and excellence. 



Discover Your Godly Purpose, Face Your Fears, Break Bad Habits, Transform Your Daily Life, and Create the World You Choose to Live In:

Order Queen Harriet P. groundbreaking, life-changing, self-help book, "Call to Victory: Living in The Anointing". Geared toward getting you back in alignment with the personal plan that God has for your life, unstuck from limiting fears and inadvisable habits, and anointing you with the power to create your own daily  destiny, "Call to Victory" is the comprehensive guide for your work, relationships, and spiritual life--a 360-degree tutorial for reclaiming your path, and living Godly, effectively, and victoriously in this fast-paced and fractious, 21st century world. 

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